The Kentucky Chamber Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to advancing Kentucky in education, health and wellness, energy, government efficiency and global competitiveness.
The Foundation has committed to developing programs and services in line with the Kentucky Chamber’s New Agenda for Kentucky through its New Agenda Campaign. 
Education: create strong school leaders
Business people understand the critical role that individual leaders play in successful organizations. The greatest opportunity for improving education in Kentucky is to empower school principals with high-level leadership training usually afforded to only corporate executives. The Kentucky Leadership Institute for School Principals will provide this experience for private- and public-school principals across the state, allowing them to return to their schools prepared to drive a successful organization.
Government Modernization: bring a business approach
The Kentucky Chamber has long been interested in increased efficiencies within state government agencies and programs, and its membership stands to benefit greatly from the establishment of a center for effective government. This institution would provide funding for research, polling, communications campaigns and political activity aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of state and local governments and our public school systems. Afterall, businesses pay for 40% of state government.
Health & Wellness: combat state’s poor rankings
As employers of the state’s workforce, as health insurance providers for thousands of employees and as taxpayers who underwrite a major portion of public health programs, it is in the interest of the business community to make a serious, sustained commitment to improving the wellness of Kentucky’s residents. A state wellness council established though the New Agenda campaign would convene major health care providers and consumers to develop and implement effective strategies for the business community, aggressively promote worksite wellness programs with Kentucky employers and help coordinate the various wellness efforts being undertaken across the state.
Globalization: double exports in five years
It is becoming increasingly necessary for Kentucky companies to compete in a global market, and the state needs an aggressive and sustained private-sector commitment to provide leadership in promoting international trade. As part of the New Agenda for Kentucky campaign, partnerships would be established and streamlined in order to make an aggressive push to double Kentucky’s exports in five years.
Energy: keep Kentucky at the forefront
Kentucky has long been a national leader in energy production, making it possible for the state’s industries to benefit from some of the lowest energy costs in the nation. Kentucky’s business community needs to be proactive in responsibly addressing the future of energy production in Kentucky: to preserve Kentucky’s economic foundation in energy production, to protect Kentucky companies’ competitive advantages and to maximize the job-creation potential of new energy sources. The Kentucky Institute for Energy Policy will be a think tank offering objective research and communications support for state energy policy.