56 Kentucky principals selected for executive leadership training

From the Lane Report (May 28, 2013) – Fifty-six Kentucky principals will receive executive-level leadership training as participants in an institute funded by the state’s business community through the Kentucky Chamber Foundation. More

Teaching the teachers’ teachers   

From the Lane Report (January 1, 2012) – If, as Kentucky policy makers firmly believe, an educated workforce is key to economic development success, then school principals who can lead and inspire their teams of teachers and students is a prerequisite. It’s in the works. More

Leadership Institute featured on CN|2’s Pure Politics

From Pure Politics (March 9, 2012) – In the ongoing quest to improve education in Kentucky, business leaders are sending some principals back to school.

It’s actually more of a boot camp. But it’s aimed at making principals better CEOs. The program is organized through the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and relies on donations from companies that “sponsor” principals to pay for the training.  The deadline for the next batch of principals to apply is Wednesday, March 14. Click here to view the video.

Kentucky Chamber members commit $1 million to train school principals

More donations needed to cover specific counties

On Jan. 19, 2012, the Kentucky Chamber Foundation announced it will invest more than $1 million toward creating a Leadership Institute for School Principals. Over the next five years, the Institute will offer new principals from public and private schools across Kentucky the opportunity to receive executive-level leadership training from the internationally acclaimed Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). More